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Ripped porn star modeling new Cellblock 13 jockbriefs.
Scruffy hunk bending over in a jockbrief, exposing his muscular ass.

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I got back last night just in time to take my puppy to Spandex Happy Hour. He was a hit in his tight little wrestling singlet, and I got so turned on petting him and inviting other guys in spandex and underwear to enjoy him that finally I had to lead him into the bathroom and fuck him in one of the stalls.

He pulled off his shoulder straps and with the singlet around his ankles, I bent him over and pounded him. It was easy to overhear us (which we knew), and men started gathering, trying to look through the cracks. I reached back and unlatched the door letting a few come in and take pics while I bred him. It was so incredibly hot that we agreed we’re going to have to play in public more!

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