Caught starting at his ink

Heavily tattooed muscle hunk nude with his big dick semi-erect.
Heavily tattooed muscle hunk fucking another tattooed guy in the ass gay-for-pay.

Fuck You I’m Infamous, Scene 4
Starring Cameron Diggs and Colton Grey

This morning at the gym I got caught staring at a big muscle stud covered with tats. In the locker room. With his clothes off.

He was just transitioning from his shower towel to putting on his underwear when I turned the corner and walked in on him. I was so mesmerized I couldn’t help myself. And he totally caught me. And smirked.

I was going to say something to him, but he turned away to finish getting dressed and I thought it was better to keep my mouth shut. Also, I was fixated on his huge, perfect muscle ass…

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