Hot otter @StephenHarteXXX

Hairy ginger male roughly fucking a fit otter man outside in the desert.
Hairy men fucking rough bareback on the side of the road.

Dirty Rider, Part 1
Starring Aaron Bruiser and Stephen Harte

The last time I was at the Ramrod in Fort Lauderdale, there was this big ginger alpha bear there with his boyfriend…and their boy toy. They were passing this twunk back and forth between them, pawing at him and making out on the tiny dancefloor. You could practically smell the testosterone as they virtually fucked him right there, good and rough.

A big beefy alpha can be fun to watch (Aaron Bruiser), but when it comes down to fucking, I much prefer my otters. So it’s no wonder that I’m totally fanning out for Stephen Harte! He’s relatively new to the adult industry, and I hope he stays in it for a while.

Gorgeous. Furry. And the sounds and faces he makes when he’s fucking? That’s one hot otter!

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