I fucked that bear!

Tattooed muscle bear stripping down to his leather jockstrap outside.
Tattooed bear exposing his muscular ass and thick cock in a leather harness and jockstrap.

Bear Films
Featuring Luis Casola

It’s always fun when a guy I’ve had sex with cums across my desk. Today that includes Luis Casola, a hunky muscle bear I met recently when I was out for a night of dancing.

The music was so much fun that when my friends left for home, I stayed to enjoy dancing by myself. But I wasn’t alone for long! “Luis” came right up to me and told me he’d been watching me from the balcony above. We clicked right away, especially after he turned around and backed his big, muscular ass into my crotch.

I could feel his monster leg muscles flexing through his skin-tight denim jeans soaked with sweat. It wasn’t long before we were out of there and back to his place, where I enjoyed eating that amazing ass and giving it a taste of my dick. Seriously, when I think of what a perfect muscle butt should look like, his is it. And his monster legs and calves were the biggest I’ve ever experienced in my life.

It’s too bad I was a little too far gone to take it any further that night, but that was okay by him. After a little more making out, he drove me back to my place and told me to text him in the morning. The next day, I did just that, and in 30 minutes he had snuck away from work to visit me.

Since I knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time, I answered the door naked, which turned both of us on. The strange thing is that I was so overly aroused that I couldn’t cum fucking him. So he looked up at me and said, “maybe you should sit on it.” And I did.

Riding that thick, freckled dick was definitely the solution. It didn’t take long before I was spraying my load all over his hairy chest and stomach. After a quick clean up, he got re-dressed and headed back to work with a smile on his face. We agreed that we’ll definitely be doing that again!

I know he’s done more performances, and I’ll have to post them here because these photos really do not do his body or sexual energy justice…

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