Work that tip

Hairy young fit guy masturbating his uncut cock with a Fleshlight.
Bearded fit guy stroking his big uncut cock with a Fleshjack.

Hammer Boys XXX
Featuring Honza Janota

Some guys just don’t know how to handle a really big dick, and probably not in the way you think.

Lots of guys see an extra large one and either want to try to swallow it whole or take it balls deep in their hole. But an inexperienced guy can actually hurt a guy with a big dick by not knowing how to throat it properly, and physically small men simply may not have the internal anatomy to comfortably take the whole schlong.

Not to fear, gentlemen! Some hung guys like me actually prefer that you focus your suction action on the head. Spend more time there and you’ll earn your reward that much faster.

Or if you just can’t take that deep fucking any longer, now you know what to do…

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