It ended with a mouthful

Tattooed, muscular power bottom being fucked by a white monster cock.
Bearded bottom eating cum from a white monster cock.

Tim Tales
Featuring Tim Kruger and Josh Moore

I got to the gym at an unusual time yesterday and ran into this fantasy of a cute little tattooed muscle boy I haven’t seen in a while. We’ve always been very flirty, but never hooked up. Until now.

After he left the gym, he sent me a video of him taking a big dildo in his ass and told me he wanted my cock. An hour later I’m on his bed, making out with him and feeling his dick stiffening his sweatpants.

I licked him all over his delicious body, especially in his smelly armpits and hairy hole. I took my time exploring his tight little body until he was ready to hop on and go for a ride.

Unfortunately, he had rushed his prep for the meet up and hadn’t completely emptied out, but after a little clean up we were ready to go again. He got really hard worshiping my cock, so I surprised him and said, “maybe you should fuck me.”

The look on his face was priceless. Wide-eyed, confused and eager, all at once. I hadn’t told him that I’d been flipping lately or that I’d cleaned out that afternoon, too.

It turns out the curve of his cock is a perfect fit in my hole, and he felt great pumping my ass. The surprise got the better of his nerves, though, and he was having trouble staying hard. So I put him back on his knees and, after smacking his face with my schlong, let him suck my cock until I unloaded in his mouth…and he shot all over the pillow he was kneeling on.

We had some really nice chat and cuddling afterwards, and I’d love to hook up with him again. But it did take about three years to arrange this get together, so…

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