My poor hole

Hairy Latino muscle men having gay anal sex bareback.
Hairy Latin muscle hunks bareback.

Eat My Meat
Starring Alejandro Torres and Dani Robles

I should be more careful about the kind of energy I put out in the Universe. I’ve been being a bit flippant about what it’s like to take a big dick like mine, and this morning I was shown exactly how feels.

I was feeling my oats and told this hot, hung guy to come over and fuck me, and boy, did he ever. His cock was really long and thick, way too thick for a relative beginner like me to take easily.

But I told him to fuck me anyway, and now I’m sitting at my desk with a sore, twitching sphincter, shifting in my office chair, trying to get comfortable.

It’s kinda funny, but I’m gonna need to give my hole a break for a while…

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