Doing a load

Muscular weatherman fucking in a gay bar.
Scruffy Middle Eastern weatherman being fucked in the ass by a hunky muscle Daddy.

Two Dick Minimum
Starring Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone

It turns out I was able to sneak in a hookup yesterday after all, and fuck, was it hot!

I’d been wanting an anonymous hookup, and this guy came over for a quick breeding. I took him out to the carport and into the attached shed, shut the windows and bent him over the laundry table.

I lubed up my cock and his hole with my viscous spit, then slowly slid inside him while he wagged his tail. His moans were so loud that even with the windows shut, I knew my neighbors on the patio next door would hear, so I put my hand over his mouth to muffle them, which made him squeal even more.

I filled up his tight, furry little hole, wiped the cum off my dick with a used dryer sheet and sent him on his way…

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