Young, dumb and full of…

Pale, muscular power bottom riding a huge white cock.
Pale muscular nerd taking a huge cock in his ass along with his fingers.

Tim Tales
Featuring Tim Kruger and Henrik Sommer

I finally hooked up with this smooth, pale muscle stud who’s been flirting with me ever since we met about a year and a half ago. He’s sweet and young…and kinda dumb, but that just makes him cuter to me.

We ran into each other at the bar last night, and after a few drinks, he was tucking himself into my side and grabbing my dick. So I brought him home and took him straight to bed where we made out while he sobered up a bit. I wanted to make sure he knew the size of what he was about to take.

When we started fucking, he actively took my big dick with ease which, now that I think about it, shouldn’t have surprised me. (I’ve seen his former Daddy’s dick.)

After about an hour, he was worn out and thankfully ordered an Uber and went home. I had a great time, but I don’t need another son…

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