Muscle control

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Tim Tales
Featuring Caio Veyron and Skyy Knox

It was so much fun at the pool yesterday. My California muscle bears were there, so after a few drinks, we went back to their room and hubby kicked back with his cocktail and watched as I made out with his partner.

I pulled down his wet Speedo and tossed it on the floor with a splat, then pushed him back on the rough hotel bed cover while the A/C blasted at our backs. I sucked his rock hard cock and pinched his nipples before throwing his legs up and getting my talented tongue down in his furry hole.

I massaged his muscular cheeks while making his hole nice and wet, then spit on my dick and slid right inside him. His husband walked around us to get a better view, and I could see that he had his cock out stroking it. I waved him over so his partner could suck his dick while I was fucking him.

The scene was so hot that it didn’t take me long to fill his muscle butt with a huge load of my cum. He shot his load while I was finishing, and his husband came in his mouth shortly after. We pulled out at the same time and left him licking his lips and fingering his cummy hole with a smirk on his face.

I’ll definitely be seeing them the next time they’re in town…

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