Daddy’s #ginger

Hairy ginger male grabbing the thick cock of his bearded Daddy.
Hairy ginger man bottoms for his thick-hung, bearded Daddy.

You’ve Waited Long Enough
Starring Max Sargent and Steven Ponce

In all the craziness yesterday, the big surprise actually happened after the pool. I ran into my ginger bodybuilder friend, who apparently was horny and lonely because he invited himself over to my place before we could finish our first drinks.

I threw my bicycle in the back of his truck, and we continued catching up as he drove us back to my place. The conversation quickly ended once we made it inside the door because we were all over each other. I’d forgotten what an amazing kisser he is!

Back in the bedroom, he asked me how I wanted him, and I told him to get on his knees. I had to eat that fuzzy ginger hole of his. Missin’ his kissin’, I told him to flip on his back and got my fingers in his beard while we Frenched.

The fucking itself didn’t last long because we were both so turned on that he was begging Daddy to breed him, and I happily filled him up. My cock pulsing as I flooded his guts was enough to send him over the edge. He came all over himself, which I eagerly lapped up and shared with him by mouth…

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