And then the #powerbottom showed up

Latino power bottom with his tan-line muscular ass up in the air, waiting to be fucked.
Muscular, Latino power bottom being fucked bareback by a big white cock.

Nasty Daddy
Featuring Trenton Ducati and Andrea Suarez

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying a few drinks with my out-of-town friends, when this amazing power bottom I fucked a couple of years ago showed up. And he was ready to go.

It went down fast. We threw back our drinks and got the fuck out of there. He followed me back to my house, and the clothes came off practically before the front door was shut.

His body is still amazing, like 8-pack abs amazing. And of course he had to be wearing a jockstrap. We made out on top of the bed while I used my spit-drenched fingers to play with his twitching hole. I lifted his heels and spread his muscular cheeks so I could get a mouthful of that ass.

I love a good moaner, and he didn’t disappoint. Very verbal. It wasn’t long before he was begging for me to fuck him.

And fuck him. And fuck him. And fuck him.

I’m sorry I walked out on my friends, but they’ll totally understand when I show them the pics…

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