Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day!

Gay power bottom getting fucked in the ass hard by a guy with an uncut monster cock.
Muscular power bottom taking an uncut monster cock in his ass.

Tim Tales
Featuring Rodrigo and Andy Star

Alright. So even after my surprise blowjob yesterday morning, I still found a monster cock last night, and it was attached to a hot-as-fuck Italian stud.

We were introduced at a party by a mutual friend to whom I had disclosed my monster cock mission. The monster cock size part. Not the bottoming-for-it part. So although Monster Cock and I hit it off, when we got back to my place, all he wanted was for me to fuck him. First-world problems, I know.

Since I’d already gotten off earlier, I had a ways to go before I was going to breed this guy. Luckily, he was an incredibly talented power bottom and couldn’t get enough.

Oh, Power Bottoms. We love you!!

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