Get that boy

Gay nerd having bareback sex with a thick, uncut guy.
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Guy Bone
Featuring Maulder Roman and Hyden O’Toole

I got my wish from yesterday, albeit in a roundabout way.

I’ve been flirting with this adorable, hairy, nerdy boy who’s always at the yoga studio where I practice, and yesterday afternoon he took me up on my invitation to stop by my place for some private time together.

It was slow and sensual taking off each other’s shirts and rubbing our furry chests together. He’s so much smaller than me that I actually picked him up while we were making out and carried him to the bedroom.

I had heard about how amazing his ass was, and the rumors proved true. He took in my big dick smoothly with a soft moan. His hot hole was so velvety, and he scratched my back with his fingernails as I gently fucked him.

He whispered for me to cum deep inside him, and as I did, he made his O-face and shot his load at the same time. It was like I was pumping my load into his ass and out his dick.

We cuddled and chatted for a good long while before I showered him and sent him off with a hug and kiss. I’m very much hoping to find that boy on my doorstep again someday…

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