Salty #ginger pits

Ginger muscle bear sporting an Andrew Christian jockbrief.
Hairy ginger muscle bear naked and stroking his dick.

Bad Puppy
Featuring Jonas Jackson

There were tons of hot guys at the event last night, but I found mine right away. Beefy, burly, ginger and freckled, everyone else disappeared once we started talking. I asked if he wanted another beer at the bar or back at my place, and we left together right away.

His armpits were so ripe, I had a hard-on the entire ride home. Inside my house we made out hard, and I got to tongue-bathe those salty pits, which tasted as good as they smelled.

Since we’d already gotten most of our clothes off, I led him back to the bedroom by grabbing his hard dick through his briefs. His muscular ass was smooth, with a sweaty tuft of hair around his hole that I turned into my midnight snack. With my face buried in his butt and my long arms reaching up to massage his shoulders, in no time I had the big boy begging for me to fuck him anyway I wanted.

I made it last for as long as I could, but when a guy begs me for my load, I deliver…

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