He opens at the close

Competing homebuyers settle their dispute with gay bareback sex.
Big raw dick sliding into a hairy man ass.

Bidding War
Starring Sherman Maus and Dusty Williams

It’s been years, but I hooked up again with a friendly guy I dated long ago in my dirty gay past. I ran into him at the pool and we got to talking about him being single again and trying to figure out his way. Then, out of nowhere, he asks if he can come back to my place and cuddle. The guy is gorgeous. Fit, furry, and now that he’s been going to the gym, kinda muscular. So, aiming to have my cake and eat it, too, I said sure.

The cuddling was really nice and familiar, and we ended up falling asleep together. Early this morning I woke up with him pressing his hard dick into my back, but when I turned over to kiss him, he hiked up one leg to give me access to his hole. I was a little surprised, since he didn’t used to be that much of a bottom. Times change.

I slid my cock into his hungry hole and in no time he was moaning and telling me how good I felt inside him. Then came the second surprise. “Fuck me, Daddy,” he whispered hard. And, of course, I came immediately.

Right word, right time…

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