Where did YOU come from?

Young blonde twink pissing and stripping naked.
Nude blonde twink sporting a rock-hard erection.

Island Studs
Featuring Ian

Last night, I met up with a group of friends at the bar for underwear night and had an absolute blast laughing and catching up.

After a few beers, I’m ready to head out, when I notice this hot blonde guy I’ve never seen before. He’s wearing a sexy harness and jockstrap with his cute little butt poking out. Of course, I had to casually pet it, and instantly there was a major spark.

We started making out, completely interrupting our conversations and goodbyes with others. And after a few minutes of sucking face, I had to break it off and get out of there.

Apparently, he’s in the Facebook group for that monthly meet up, so I’m looking forward to July…

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