UK Naked Men — Stockroom Smut

Whether it happens in the library stacks, adult bookstore booth, tearoom stall or stockroom, semi-public sex is always a big turn-on for me. I’ve had an exhibitionist streak ever since the only gay sex I could get was through cruising public parks. And when I finally dated a guy who wanted to get fucked in places where we could get caught, my turn-on got taken to a whole new level.

There’s nothing like bending your fuck buddy over the hood of a station wagon in an outdoor parking lot, lit only by half-on, humming sodium lights, while guys across the street queue up to get into the leather bar. Or the next time you have to stay late taking inventory, why not tuck a few porno mags in the shelves for your hot co-worker (or boss!) to find and get off to! < Get Dirty >

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