@NickMorettiXXX – The most skilled in this bareback threesome…

Two hairy older Daddies use a tattooed pig bottom for their gay sex slave.

Overall, this bareback threeway was a success, popping my boner even after a long day of beating off to everything dirty and gay. But remember, there’s always someone who performs better in a group.

Even though Matt Sizemore was the loudest (and I appreciate a good grunter), he just couldn’t keep his dick hard at key moments. And Rowdy McBeal may have been the sluttiest, but he put himself in some awkward positions and had a painful-looking way of fucking that nearly made me go soft.

So the winner, naturally, is Nick Moretti. With his big, hard, horn-like dick, clear talent in every position he takes and an easy way of guiding the action, who wouldn’t want to fuck him?

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One Response to “@NickMorettiXXX – The most skilled in this bareback threesome…”

  1. milos Says:

    Sizemore has seen better days. He used to have one of the hardest and reliable cocks in the business. Now, just kind of sad.

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