Straight Guys For Gay Eyes — Easy hires

Gay cross of Brad Pitt and my personal trainer

Normally SG4GE would be way out of my desirable zone. I think it’s a brilliant concept, and I love seeing all kinds of cock in action. The problem is that I don’t want The Ladies involved when I’m watching my fantasy dudes roll. Why, then, is it brilliant?

Lots of us got our early sex beginnings from straight porn… remember Dad’s secret stash of magazines in the tool shed? There’s a much wider pool of models… every straight guy I know wants to be in porn. And for a lot of people, myself included, there’s a special bulge dedicated to the “straight” model who gets off on being watched by other guys.

Take Alan Stafford: tattooed, ripped, a little goofy. I can’t decide whether to stroke my boner or laugh at the sunglasses he keeps on his head throughout the scene. The camera does stay trained on him nicely, but you be the judge whether or not you’re into straight porn for gay men. < Get Dirty >

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  1. wildboyorl Says:

    Well i could do without the girl. It’s pretty easy to look past her with this hot guy in front of me. I am loving his shaved body ,his ripped body and of coarse his FAT super hard COCK!!

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