Bearded, muscular private security guard in a tight suit with a shoulder holster.
Muscular security guard uses his nightstick to penetrate a hung bottom before fucking him with his uncut cock.

Foreskin Mafia, Scene 1
Starring Logan Moore and Sean Zevran

Ok. So last night was crazy. After spending the morning recovering, the day cruising and the evening at a comedy show then dancing to poolside DJ’s, I end up going to a private room party some guys were holding in one of the suites.

When I first walked in, I was so high I could barely focus. But as my roll adjusted to the scene, I loved where I was headed. A mixture of muscle, leather, fetish and fur, and way more hot guys than I thought would be there. It was nuts to butts in there. Literally.

Lots of groping, lots of dicks out, sucking, fucking, one after another. All at the same time. Total debauchery. We were so fucking loud I’m kinda surprised that security never got called. Or maybe they were already there!

Whew! Time to rinse off and get back to the pool…

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