Twink to twunk

Hunky latin twink with his naked butt sticking out in nothing but an open bodybuilding tank.
Interracial twink couple fucking bareback.

Randy Blue
Starring Markus Kent and Lukas Valentine

I’ve been finding myself in the right place at the right time a lot. So last night when I got the urge for a burger and shake (stuff I don’t usually), I happily drove over to Shake Shack for a snack.

In line in front of me was this tiny little whisp of a Latino twink in tiny little skinny jeans with an extremely pretty face, sort of like Lukas Valentine. Then I realized that the fat girl with him wasn’t his hag. It was his mother.

Does this kid even know he’s gay yet? Okay, with the eyebrow-shaping and the outfit, he knows something. Still, did I just get attracted to an underage boy? Ickth! Gross!! I picked a table far away and focused on my food, which was super delicious, by the way.

And super fattening. By the time I got home, I was ready for a bike ride and, hey, why not an evening workout? So I biked to the gym…and ran into a young, compact, Latino twunk, who was the grown up version of skinny jeans boy. And although I didn’t take him home, I at least laid the groundwork.

Right place, right time…

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