I love my stuffed bear

Burly muscle bears fucking bareback.
Burly, bearded bald man being fucked from behind bareback by a muscle bear.

Breed Me Raw
Starring Shay Michaels and Luke Harrington

Back to bears! I finally trapped that local muscle bear who looks like my out-of-town bearfriend.

While I was out celebrating with friends, I ran into him and a few of his friends having drinks at a bar. The bar was in a hotel, and after a few drinks and very suggestive conversation, we decided to get a room. Literally.

We excused ourselves from our respective groups and headed to the elevator, making out as soon as the doors closed. His beefy, muscular body felt amazing through his thin dress shirt…and pants. That ass! OMG.

What a night! Great sex and cuddling. Yes, I said it. Manly cuddling. Very nice to sleep with!

I’m excited to see how this plays out…

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