Deep in that hairy muscle butt

Muscle bear servicing an otter top.
Horny otter fucking a hairy muscle Daddy bareback.
Fit younger guy breeding the hairy muscle butt of an extremely hairy, tattooed muscle Daddy.

Dudes Raw
Starring Brett Bradley and Alessio Romero

It didn’t happen until way late, but I finally hooked up with the hunky, hairy, businessman bear I’ve been flirting with last night. Too bad I’ll probably never see him again because that was fucking hot!

I met him in the dark, luxurious lobby bar of his hotel, and by candlelight, he was gorgeous. We tried holding a conversation, but clearly both of us had only one thing in mind. In the elevator, we restrained ourselves as best we could, stealing only a quick kiss. The brush of his thick, bristly beard on my face made the excitement of what was coming that much greater.

Just inside his hotel room door we pounced on each other, pawing clothes off hard and fast, digging for furry muscle. And man, did he have a lot of furry muscle! He pulled me over to the bed where he fell back and grabbed his ankles, spreading his muscular ass cheeks. Of course, my spit was flowing at this point, so I slathered my dick and his perfect hairy hole with it. I teased his asshole with the head while rubbing my hairy chest against his and losing myself in the kissing. And when I finally penetrated him? Oh my god. A totally perfect fit.

He felt amazing, massaging my cock as I fucked him, and when he finally came, his pulsing ass made me shoot my load deep inside him. Incredible.

Maybe someday work will bring him back in town. Until then, wow. Speechless.

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