My cocksucker is always the cutest

Expert male cocksucker getting a load of cum in his mouth.
Mustachioed man eating cum.

TIM Suck
Starring Dan Fisk and Marcus Iron

I recovered from my hangover yesterday by biking to the gay resort and having a margarita and a swim. I met a flirty couple there and cruised a few other hot guys in the distance, then ran into some friends on my way out. It was a great way to turn it around…so then I had to go back out.

I pulled on some sheer dress socks and garters, jumped into an attractive outfit and went to underwear night. First thing, half of the flirty couple was there. They had broken up just hours earlier. And he had decided to come out to underwear night on his own.

Next, I’m down to my Sunday best and the hot guys from the pool walk in. They’re from out of town visiting a friend and had noticed me earlier in the day. We get to talking, then flirting, then we’re outside behind one the fences, dicks getting sucked, attracting a crowd.

Of course, my cocksucker is the cutest one. He loves getting off with a dick down his throat, and mine is certainly throat-filling. He tells his partner to try my cock before greedily going back down on me. He busts his nut and (adorably) apologizes for getting off before I can, but I let him know that it’s okay. He takes my number and leaves…then two other guys suck my load out.

I forgot how fun it can be when there are a bunch of guys sucking your dick. Each one is different, and I lucked out that I didn’t have a bad one in the bunch. Not a scrape or a bruise, and a pretty satisfying drain…

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