How Daddy does it

Dallas Steele, ripped muscle Daddy with a beard and hairy muscles.
Hairy muscle Daddies flip-fucking.

Break A Sweat, Scene 1
Starring Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele

For sure, the sex was hot…big hairy muscle stud with bourbon breath took me from the club to his condo down the street. He begged me to fuck him hard, and I did, like an animal. And he turned out to be a good guy to boot.

We pillow-talked for a while, then I took the coconut water he offered and headed home, reeking of smoke, booze and sex. I took some Tylenol and hangover pills before crashing, but I still feel like crap this morning.

I should have taken him up on his offer to stay over. It’d be nice to have a hangover buddy right now. The cuddling. The hangover sex. Someone else making me breakfast.

Maybe it’s not too late for brunch and a hookup…

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