Can’t rape the willing

Twink fucked by a well-endowed man hiding in his apartment.
Smooth twink ass sitting down on an enormous cock.

Sexperiment, Episode 4
Starring Rocco Steele and JD Phoenix

This twink has been hounding me not just to fuck him, but to break into his house and rape him. He’s gone into great detail about how he wants it to go down, but he’s forgetting that he won’t be the one in control.

It’s just like the guy who rode my cock last night and didn’t want to cum right away. I had him in a position where he had no choice. He was so pissed, but turned on at the same time that someone finally got him to experience forced ejaculation for the first time. And he has rape fantasies, too.

Wait a minute. Do I look like a rapist??

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