Daddy’s Daddy

Beefy male guard walking in on a hairy muscular nude man in prison.
Male guard sucks off a prisoner before being fucked by him.

Butch Hairy Ballbusters
Starring Carlo Cox and Butch Grand

Remember how I was saying I might be done with younger guys? Well, the pendulum has definitely swung the other way.

Besides the 50-year-old Seattle guy I just fucked, the bodybuilder in his late 40’s I hooked up with has been texting, and now it seems I might have found a Daddy of my own. Or Granddaddy.

He’s funny and fit and enjoys a flirt like me, so I thought I would tease about being his boy. He became very interested and agreeable, immediately switching into the role play. It was fascinating to be on the other side and use all the tricks my boys have taught me over the past couple of years. It also helps me understand their position better, since I never really occupied the boy role before. It never seemed to fit me as a tall top with a deep voice before.

All that might change if we really do get together when Daddy’s back in town in a few weeks. And by Daddy, I mean him

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