Hit that hairy hole

Hairy otter in a jockstrap being fucked bareback by two hung guys.
Extremely hairy, tattooed otter in a jockstrap being fucked bareback.

TIM Fuck
Featuring Sam Bridle, Billy Blanco and Stephen Harte

My pup invited a friend to join us yesterday, and we had a super-fun time taking turns on his hairy hole. The other guy was hung nearly as well as I am, so it was interesting seeing how my pup reacts when he’s fucked by other big dicks.

We double-fucked him, too, which made him moan so loudly that I’m sure his neighbors could hear us. And when I came, the other guy was startled to feel his cock suddenly engulfed in cum inside our shared cum dump. He came immediately after, and we pulled out, leaving pup stretched and leaking tons of cum…

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