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Thick muscular man wakes up his male friend by fucking him bareback.
Thick muscle man fucking another guy bareback.

Cocksure Men
Featuring Max Bourne and Geoffrey Lloyd

I usually don’t go out on Fridays, but last night I wanted to get out of the house and be among the gays. You know, to show face and have a few laughs. Of course, just a few sips into my bourbon and water and this thick muscle stud walks in and steps up to the bar right beside me.

First, he smelled amazing. Manly, sweaty, but not too musky. Then we make eye contact and you could go swimming in his beautiful blue eyes. I introduced myself, and since I hadn’t seen him before, I asked if he was visiting. He tells me he comes through town every month or so for work, and it doesn’t take long before I have an invitation back to his hotel room.

He may have been a big, burly stud, but his skin was so soft and his lips were thick and tasty. Best part? All he wanted me to do was fuck the hell out of him. And I did.

I’m really looking forward to next month…

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