Back on my feet

Hairy muscle hunk worshiping the feet of a hung man while he masturbates.
Tattooed muscle hunk licking the big feet of another man while he masturbates on the couch.

Justin’s Feet and Socks Worshiped
Starring Justin Case and Ricky Larkin

This morning was weird. I got online to write about having my feet worshiped, and my blog was down. I recently moved DGB to a better server, but apparently one of the transfer verifications had fallen through the digital cracks.

But I’m already back up, so I can return to fantasizing about having my giant feet worshiped. I’ve been taking great care of them, and I’m planning to show them off poolside this afternoon.

We’ll see just how many foot rubs will be on offer, but there’s a big, meaty muscle bear I met last night who I hope shows up for the win…

< Click here to watch the video >

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