Knockin’ on heaven’s door

Muscular white German man getting fucked by a Latino with a monster cock.
German nerd getting fucked in the ass by a Latin monster cock.

Tim Tales
Featuring Eduardo Picasso and Henrik Sommer

I met a cute little black guy at movie night last night and ended up bringing him home with me.

Oh. My. Cock.

Definitely the biggest dick I’ve ever been with in person. He must have had 11 inches of uncut black meat. Of course, I had to suck that cock and eat and fuck his perfect little muscle butt, but for round two, I was going to take that dick. And with a lot of spit, lube and determination, I did!

So, it was a night of firsts. My first time being fucked by an uncut guy, and the first time anyone has gotten completely through my second sphincter. I could definitely feel the difference!

As my friend says, when the dick is that big, it does all the work…

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