Gay Truck Stop Action

Horny butch bears have group gay sex in the truck stop bathroom.

It’s classic dirty bathroom sex from Stallion Men, this time featuring lots of butch, beefy men and a truck stop gone hog wild!

[Website closed.]

4 Responses to “Gay Truck Stop Action”

  1. erho Says:

    I’m admiring your blog for the first time, enjoying your intelligent porn commentary (unique!), squeezed a nice stream out (from the videos, not the commentary), and then came across this grainy relic before clearing my cache and shutting down. I enjoy vintage, especially if it’s bareback, but holy hell where did this come from and how much did stallionmen give you to post it. I’m sure they gave you nothing. So my only question is: Why? On which of these men do you have an eternal?

  2. erho Says:

    PS – My partner and I will be at IML in a couple weeks. If you’re as fun and dedicated to your craft/hobby as I’m sensing, then you’ll be there. We’re staying at the host hotel, so let’s meet for a beer.

  3. Eric Wolfe Says:

    Hey, thanks for your comments! Beefy, hairy guys always get my attention, and I’ve had a lot of experience finding myself in dirty public bathroom and gloryhole scenarios. This scene reminds me of that and also just how much sleazy guys in mechanics’ jumpsuits give me a hard-on!

  4. Eric Wolfe Says:

    I’m not going to be at IML this year, so have a beer and a butch bottom for me!

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