When the big guy needs a dick

Bearded muscle hunk sitting on a raw dick.
Bearded muscle hunk sitting on a raw dick.

Chaos Men
Featuring Nicholas Duff and Zane

Although I already have strong, productive orgasms, I feel like they’d be even more satisfying with a dick in my ass. And I’m pretty sure I could take care of that with a single text.

Then again, I am going to a gay pool party today. Why not wait and see who’s there…

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Thick, juicy Berger

Muscular redhead rubbing the erection in his white briefs.
Muscular redhead stroking the boner in his briefs.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Dirk Berger

It’s hard to believe that summer is officially over, but in my area, it’s still warm enough for pool parties! I’m attending two this weekend, and the second one is, of course, a naked one.

So, fire up the grill and bring out the meat. The party’s not over until we say it is…

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A bird in the hand

Muscular straight guys strips to his tube socks and masturbates while watching porn.
Muscular straight guy stroking his big white dick while watching porn.

Str8 Boyz Seduced
Featuring Gianni

I didn’t end up with multiple men yesterday, but I didn’t need to. I bagged a muscular straight guy I met online who came over to my place before the pool. He had a big hard dick in need of sucking and a muscular butt he wanted to try getting fucked, so I was the perfect guy for him.

I swallowed every veiny inch of his monster, but wouldn’t let him cum. Instead, I got him on his knees sideways in front of the mirror so he could watch as I penetrated his tight hole from behind. Once I was fully inside him, it was clear that this wasn’t his first time being fucked. Dude had some skills, and he took all of my load up his ass.

After we were finished, I got the best compliment you can get from a straight guy. “Man, that was awesome. My girl can’t do anything like that!”

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Filling station

Big dick Latino fucking a power bottom bareback.
Flexible power bottom receiving a huge uncut cock in his ass.

Tim Tales
Featuring Koldo Goran and Ricky Ibanez

Looks like we’re going to have gorgeous end-of-summer weather today, so I’ll be riding my bike over to the pool and catching a few rays.

We’ll also see if I can catch a few boys! I’m feeling especially randy, so multiple men is not out of the question.

The first one gets the biggest load, and I’ll just keep going until I run out…

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Come to Papa

Muscle Daddy fucking his blonde muscle boy bareback.
Muscle Daddy fucking his muscular blonde son bareback.

Bareback Auditions 8: Fresh Additions
Featuring Tomas Brand and Cody Winter

That cute boy I met last month on vacation has been texting me a lot, and I’ve been happy to chat. Even though it we saw each other only a couple of times that week and hooked up just once, we had a great connection that I can still feel when we chat.

In fact, he bought a plane ticket to come visit me in a couple of months because he says I ruined him for the guys he’s been seeing back in his town.

Poor thing misses his Daddy…

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