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Humiliated by school authorities in suits

“Gruff Eastern European thug George has been caught out by the Head Master and Head Boy at With the threat of the police hanging over him he must do whatever the two of them demand. But he’s in for a shock when they grab his big hairy ass and roughly shove their probing fingers in. And it only gets worse when Mr. Taylor walks in and offers the use of his vibrator.”

What coach walks around with a vibrator in his coat? But of course that oddity is easy to forgive when the victim is another hot Eastern European man

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I’ve been known to top tops, after all

I love it when Landon Conrad bottoms, but my interest in this scene was with Rio Silver. He may not be in the best shape, but I love his face.

Plus, he looks like this guy I recently screwed who was a “10” in the ass control department, and it makes me wonder if Silver is equally as good at being fucked…

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