Smooth operator

Tattooed hunk spreading his muscular butt cheeks and showing his asshole.
Muscular hunk is fucked bareback for the first time by a Latino muscle stud.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Pedro Andreas and Sean Duran

Someone asked to see my ass at a pool party this afternoon, and it started a conversation about hairy versus smooth butts. (I’m somewhere in between. He gave me a very nice compliment, BTW.)

Now, everyone knows that I love a hairy man, and I’m quite hairy myself. But when it comes to asses, I would say that I’m an equal opportunity player. I like them covered in fur or perfectly smooth, as long as they’re firm, round and/or muscular.

Recently, though, I’ve been leaning more towards the naturally smooth ass. I think it’s because my bearfriend has got what I would consider to be a perfect ass, and although he’s hairy everywhere else, his butt is so smooth and incredibly soft. Muscular, for sure, but beautifully soft like you wouldn’t believe.

Boner! Damn!! Good thing I get to get my paws on him again next week!

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