Too much to take

Young muscular man getting fucked by a tall ginger otter with a huge white cock.
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Tim Tales
Featuring Tim Kruger and Jonathan Miranda

I’m a little hungover after spending so much time drinking in the sun yesterday, but I can still remember most of what happened.

The party started at 2p, and I wanted to get there early so I could socialize with friends before everyone got too drunk. My plan was to leave before sunset, since that’s when the fuckery always starts at events like these.

Although I flirted with a couple of cute guys and made lots of innuendo, I really didn’t want to stick around for the full-on sex party. I almost got convinced to stay by a few guys who wanted me for their own selfish purposes, but instead I got out of there just as the fucking began.

And I only got my dick sucked once. I think…

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